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About Us

Influs is a close-knit team made up of people enthusiastically loving communication. Influs is the only agency that has in its interior a social media and a video agency with a team of authors expert in radio and web. It contains all the ingredients necessary to create communication projects with web influencers that bring a real added value to communication.


What is missing 90 times out of 100? An idea! That's why Influs has chosen to centre its activities on the strongest Authors of the moment, a group of professionals who have devised successful TV and web formats.


Websemplicissimo is one of the web agencies with the longest history and experience in Milan. It means 360-degree digital Communication Projects for a lot of brands. That's the experience you need to navigate through web projects.


Solosocial.it a team who follows social communication projects. The study of the target, graphics creativity, writing of texts and advertising on all social platforms are their main tasks.


Vivavideo.it and Videoinfografiche.it are responsible for video production to design and produce topical and viral videos using the latest shooting techniques and so many videos in graphics.

Influs, born to manage Web projects.


WebSemplicissimo is the web agency which cares for the web marketing aspect in our projects. It also deals with creativity graphics, creation of sites, advertisement campaigns, Inbound and Brand Marketing.


SoloSocial.it is our “social media agency”, specialized in social media marketing from over 10 years, it creates and manages social network projects for companies and start-ups.


Welcome in the “Economy of attention”! A place where you have just about 3 seconds to conquer your audience! VivaVideo.it is the video agency that deals with video production and post-production.


Smoosh.it focuses on Motion Graphics. Animated videos and graphics for video and ads. A staff of graphic designers, illustrators and motion graphics specialists.