Influencer Marketing - Web Influencer marketing Agenzia Milano

A new way to communicate with your audience

Influencers represent a new way to transmit a product. A powerful tool that exploits such simple mechanisms as credibility, interaction and word-of-mouth advertising.

Contents created with “web influencers” are unique, original and different from any form of traditional advertising. Contents designed by our team are thought up to be in perfect harmony with your audience.

Get the right attention and care of Your Brand!

Communication is important, novelties are fascinating, but your brand is sacred.

Relying on an expert agency like ours is the right choice to create a project suited to your brand. To use this new communication method while remaining faithful to your own style requires attention, experience and balance.
Through the creation of original “Formats”, exclusive for your brand, the product will be conveyed while keeping your brand's style intact.

Influs, born to manage Web projects.


WebSemplicissimo is the web agency which cares for the web marketing aspect in our projects. It also deals with creativity graphics, creation of sites, advertisement campaigns, Inbound and Brand Marketing. is our “social media agency”, specialized in social media marketing from over 10 years, it creates and manages social network projects for companies and start-ups.

Welcome in the “Economy of attention”! A place where you have just about 3 seconds to conquer your audience! is the video agency that deals with video production and post-production. focuses on Motion Graphics. Animated videos and graphics for video and ads. A staff of graphic designers, illustrators and motion graphics specialists.



Exploiting Web Influencers effectively means putting them in a well organized communication project. For this reason we are focused on the creation of complete communication projects. Influs avails itself of its powerful structure made of web influencers // social media managers // video production experts // web marketing specialists.

How it works

Scouting TOP / KEY Influencer

  • We support you in finding the top or key influencer who is most suited to the communication of your brand
  • Scouting of influencers
  • Analysis of profiles and communities
  • Activities coordination


  • The idea, the creativity and the creation of a true communication project with web influencers
  • Formulation of a communication project
  • Looking for web influencers / micro-influencers

Project Management

  • We can follow all project's parts for you thanks to our experience.
  • Scouting Influencers
  • Creation of Formats
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Creation of texts
  • Photo/video production
  • Equipment and crew
  • Video editing

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