Diventa un Web Influencer - Web Influencer marketing Agenzia Milano

You have fresh, new ideas and talent?

If you are passionate about web communication, have content you want to publish and are looking for a team of professionals supporting you ... Then you are in the right place.
Influs has a team of professionals with whom you can set up your path towards the creation of interesting and captivating web content.
To become a quality Web Influencer you need a network of professionals who work with you and for you, producing and promoting your contents.
Specialists in web marketing, video production and social media to make a winning team.
Do you want to begin this new adventure? Or are you looking for a team to improve your content? In both cases Influs is what you need.

What we can do together

Our communication agency can help you develop your talent by improving it in the aspects you need most.

To better communicate, being also outstanding, you need concepts of web marketing, video filming and editing as well as social media management.
That's a daily activity for us. We have had the pleasure and luck to work on digital communication projects or in the TV-field for many brands. We put together a team of specialists to assist you in the creation of content. Through the creation of communication formats (video, photos, storytelling) you will capitalize on your ideas and talent and see your community grow.
If the result will be satisfactory, and if you wish, we will put you in touch with companies and brands which seeks web influencers every day to spread their products and services in an original way.


  • √ We follow your artistic growth
  • √ We give you advice and technical notions
  • √ Support in the creation of an editorial plan
  • √ We'll help you out with professional photographers
  • √ Study on new video formats
  • √ Forward you to Brands and Companies
  • √ We can develop your passion into something more


A team of passionate digital communication, video and social media professionals. Experience and passion are fundamental elements in better supporting artistic growth and the potential business linked to the creation of content. State-of-the-art equipment and a sensibility used to capture details which can make the difference.

  • Web marketing specialist
  • Editor
  • Motion Graphics specialist
  • Press Office
  • Contacts with Brands

How it Works

Contact // 02-89293181